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Healing Theta Waves and Meditation

Binaural Beats

This music is specifically composed to train your brains to reach a healing frequency of below 8 Hz down to 4 Hz. This is made by incorporating 2 tones of slightly different frequencies mixed with relaxing music, one tone in left ear and another one in the right ear. That way we produce so-called Binaural beats which impact our brain wave frequency. For that, it is important to listen to this music with the earphones.

Deep Relaxing Mode

The effect of listening Theta waves music is a very deep relaxing mode, but still not sleeping. You can do other things while listening to this music, but not do things which require focus and concentration e.g. car driving or any other responsible tasks. The best things to do is simply to meditate.

Theta Frequencies

This music starts with 7 Hz binaural beats and slides slowly down to 4 Hz. At the end come up above 7 Hz. After listening you will naturally enter in alpha mode and stay there for longer time. Alpha frequency (8 - 12 Hz) is known as the best brain mode to do creative tasks and many other benefits.

Train your brain with this music once or twice a day for best results.

Is 1 hour to long for you?

If you don’t have enough time, then meditate with the 18 minutes version twice a day. In this music incorporated binaural beats started at 6.88 Hz to easily allow your brain waves to synchronize in just minutes.

The frequency of binaural beats will start to slide down slowly and after 6 minutes reach the deep theta frequency of 4.07 Hz. It will stay there for another 6 minutes to keep your brain in deep relaxation state. In the last 6 minutes of this relaxing music, the frequency of binaural beats will slide up to 7.66 Hz and almost touch the Alpha state.

About Meditation

Meditation is an overall thought process that influences all the action on takes on a daily basis. It’s a way of life because meditation goes beyond one single action or activity.

It’s about transforming the mind and the way you think, to become aware of yourself and your surroundings while separating your consciousness from the struggles and activities of your life.

Moreover, there are many, many ways to practice meditation, with each having a different goal and an effect on the body and the mind.

Many Benefits of Meditation

There are literally hundreds of benefits of meditation, for body, mind, spirit, and emotional health. One of the most significant health benefits of meditation is that it brings about a sense of calmness and relaxation that leads to a proven reduction in stress levels.

When the body experiences stress, anxiety or fear, it releases special hormones that cause a physical reaction in the body. While not harmful in normal doses, long-term exposure to these hormones can cause serious health risks. Meditation helps to mitigate these effects by training the brain to better control and limit the release of the hormones.

Reducing Stress is Benefitial to Your Health

By reducing stress levels through meditation, it is possible to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, stop damage to the digestive system from over-production of acids, and maintain a more balanced immune system.

Meditation can also help to strengthen different areas of the brain, slowing the loss of brain mass typically associated with aging and increasing mental agility and memory.

It can also help battle the effects of addition, increase your ability to focus and fight off the effects of depression.

Meditate or do something else while listening

Lets Theta waves music bring you in a very deep relaxing mode. Very useful to combine with a short or long meditation session. But there are other things you could do while listening to this relaxing music. E.g. enjoy drinking your fresh smoothy or your favorite protein shake packed with vitamins.

Listening Binaural Beats after Workout

It really makes sense listen to this chill out music after your workout session while drinking a protein shake. A perfect relaxing emotional state can help you for better absorption of nutrients and hence better and faster recovery time. Or you can just watch the images in this video. It can extend your relaxing state.

Good Morning Healing Theta Waves

This relaxing music is a perfect to start your day, especially if you wake up with an alarm clock, which is the first stressing experience of the day. Put your headphones in your ears and calm down for a moment and let the sliding frequency of these binaural beats to naturally bring in a perfect relaxing state. What a wonderful day-start. Must try the real morning-making day.

Keep in Your Mind

Note, what you shouldn’t do: things which require focus and concentration e.g. car driving or any other responsible tasks. Also: Never listen to any music too loud, especially if you use earphones! A good starting point is 50% of the maximum loudness for compatible equipment and will be mostly just enough loud. To loud listening may damage your ears.